Hello. I'm a Web Design & Developer based in Newcastle, UK.

Specialising in WordPress development.

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Not everything needs to be editable

September 19, 2015

When I build sites for my clients I want to empower them to produce their own content and manage their own site. WordPress is a fantastic tool for this because it’s super flexible and in my opinion has a great UI. Clients can manage every…

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Themeconf Review

September 5, 2015

When I first started going to conferences I used to try and do a full review of my highlights. Many conferences later and I’ve lost the enthusiasm to do this. Good talks stand out for a while, and if the speaker is on to something it…

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Portfolio Update

July 2, 2015

For a long time my portfolio hasn’t been a true representation of the work I have recently produced. I’m usually finishing one project and then starting another and there isn’t much time to document, or reflect on, what I have achieved. So last week I dedicated some…

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