Who do I use for hosting?

I often get asked – “Who do you use for hosting?”. Like anything, the answer isn’t straightforward and it depends.

Shared hosting

There’s been a lot of bad press about shared hosting and rightfully so.¬†Although companies do attempt to ring-fence off different accounts, you’re still potentially at risk from other websites on your server, whether that’s slowing the server down or more important, a security breach. The only company I’ve found so far that have managed to successfully do this, plus have good customer service (phone, live chat, contact form, documentation) is Siteground¬†– the pricing is competitive too.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the next stage up. You still share resources (like the server itself) but you have your own space on it which is unaffected by others. The best I’ve found for cloud hosting is Digital Ocean. It’s not ‘managed’ though so you’ll need get somebody who knows how to install the necessary software and attend to it if anything goes wrong. I’ve yet to use a good managed cloud host but I’ve heard Pagely are good.

Dedicated Hosting

My advice, if you need dedicated hosting, is to actually hire a Systems Administrator and get their advice. At this stage you’ll probably have a pretty resource hungry site so you’ll need a server, and a setup that works for you. Just throwing resources at it isn’t going to do the trick – the server needs to be setup correctly too.

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