Portfolio Update

For a long time my portfolio hasn’t been a true representation of the work I have recently produced. I’m usually finishing one project and then starting another and there isn’t much time to document, or reflect on, what I have achieved.

So last week I dedicated some time to adding projects I have completed in the last 12 months and also adding more detail to existing portfolio items. Every project really is different and I think my portfolio reflects that I’m versatile and can produce work to a high standard – I’m certainly proud of my work.

My top projects of the last 12 months are:


1. Avis Budget Group
This was a really challenging project to a tight timescale but we delivered everything in advance of the deadlines.


2. 7SA
I think this project is not only exciting to work on, but the potential for this is huge too. Let’s see where it goes in the next 12 months.


3. North East Gifts
This is my own company but I have treated it like a client project. It’s been running 2 years now, but the first year really validated our idea and we’ve pushed on even more-so in the last year.

I’m already working on some new projects that I hope to have live and in my portfolio by the end of summer. Unfortunately some projects are white-labelled which means I’m not allowed to put them in my portfolio, but if you get in contact I’d be happy to show you more of the great work I’ve done recently.

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