Themeconf Review


When I first started going to conferences I used to try and do a full review of my highlights. Many conferences later and I’ve lost the enthusiasm to do this. Good talks stand out for a while, and if the speaker is on to something it will be usually be heavily adopted so I’ll most likely encounter these subjects further down the line in one shape or another.

Nowadays when I go to a conference I use the occasion to meet up with friends, have a break from work to refresh (although it is kinda work) but conferences also give me the opportunity to gauge where the web industry is heading.


Themeconf took place in the Lakes, in the North West of England. If you haven’t been there before then I suggest you put it on your list. It’s tranquil and idyllic. This gave me the chance to switch off from work for a bit and recharge my batteries. There’s plenty of amazing walks around the Lakes and there’s hardly any phone signal which is a godsend. It was great to see a few people I’ve not seen in a while as we instantly pick up our conversations about what we all enjoy – websites. Not as work, but as a genuine interest.

The main takeaway from the conference though was the use of Javascript in the future of the web. Frameworks such as AngularJS and ReactJS have already been used for years to create seamless experiences but combined with the WordPress JSON API opportunities to build sites and applications with these technologies are fast becoming accessible to everyone. It’s important that people choose correctly when to use these technologies but they are certainly no longer things that web developers can ignore.

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