WordPress talks this autumn – Image Optimisation

WordPress in the fall

In the summer I devised a talk on optimising images. I use talks in order to learn more about a given subject; having the added pressure of speaking on a topic means you need to know your subject inside out.

I’m always interested in learning about website performance. There are lots of different ways you can improve the performance of your site but I find the easiest wins come from optimising images and the good thing is that anyone can do it so it’s a perfect topic for a WordCamp.

I spoke at WP Leeds, WordCamp Manchester, WP North East (Newcastle) and then WordCamp Edinburgh from September to November. Although I had done a lot of research beforehand on the subject, throughout the talks I found better ways of explaining each individual topics. My last talk was at Edinburgh which I feel was the most polished talk and that should be on WordPress.tv soonish.

You’ll find the slides from my talk at the bottom of the page but because I felt that this subject needs more detail than a slideshow I’ve also put together an article entitled The Ultimate Guide to Image Optimisation in WordPress. If you didn’t get to attend my talk, have forgotten some of the things I said or would like more detail then head on over there.

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