Should your website have a blog?

I often receive briefs that have a blog listed as a requirement. As I predominately use WordPress then adding a blog to a website is fairly simple as out-of-the-box WordPress is ready go.

Do you need a blog?

Not every website, however, should have a blog and the first question you should be asking is – do you need a blog? Is the blog going to be adding any value to your business or brand? Do you actually have anything to write about that can add supplementary information to your core services and products?

Consider the tone

There’s also the question – is what you’re envisaging actually going to be a blog? A blog has a certain image – a casual, informal way of updating visitors to your site of recent activities. If you want to update your visitors in a more formal manner you might want to change the tone and label this as a ‘News & Updates’ section. Small details like this change the perception of your online presence.

Can you maintain it?

It’s all good and well deciding you would like a blog on your website but do you have the resources to keep the blog/news up to date? Having an out of date blog/news section can actually give a negative perception to visitors as they may think that you’re no longer trading or that you are not concentrating as much on the business. This may then reduce the amount of conversions your website makes for you.

What can your blog do for you?

Finally, it might be worth considering what the blog articles can do for you. Are you offering expertise in a subject area or announcing a new service you’re offering. If you are then you should always aim to point visitors in the right direction so once they have finished reading your article you can convert them into customers.

My Blog

I chose a blog because I’m a freelancer. I’m not a large company and I like to keep my communications as personable as possible. Also, this article is very much self-serving because I’ve been so busy at the end of 2016 that I haven’t had time to maintain my blog so it was running the risk of making me look like I am no longer concentrating on Stomp, which couldn’t be further from the truth – in actual fact I’ve had a very busy start to the new year however I am currently taking on new projects from the beginning of March. So if you want a website (with or without a blog) then please get in contact!


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