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WordPress talks this autumn – Image Optimisation

November 29, 2015

In the summer I devised a talk on optimising images. I use talks in order to learn more about a given subject; having the added pressure of speaking on a topic means you need to know your subject inside out. I’m always interested in learning…

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Automatically generate editor styles in WordPress

October 31, 2015

By default the editor in WordPress is not, as some people describe it, a WYSIWYG editor. Often there is a huge disconnect between the front-end of the site and the admin which results in a poor experience and more support requests. Attempts have been taken to improve…

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Not everything needs to be editable

September 19, 2015

When I build sites for my clients I want to empower them to produce their own content and manage their own site. WordPress is a fantastic tool for this because it’s super flexible and in my opinion has a great UI. Clients can manage every…

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Themeconf Review

September 5, 2015

When I first started going to conferences I used to try and do a full review of my highlights. Many conferences later and I’ve lost the enthusiasm to do this. Good talks stand out for a while, and if the speaker is on to something it…

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Portfolio Update

July 2, 2015

For a long time my portfolio hasn’t been a true representation of the work I have recently produced. I’m usually finishing one project and then starting another and there isn’t much time to document, or reflect on, what I have achieved. So last week I dedicated some…

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Starter Themes vs Parent/Child Themes vs DIY

June 22, 2015

It can be confusing when you first start out building WordPress themes. WordPress’ flexibility gives you the ability to extend it how you want; sometimes though it’s hard to know which is the best method and to justify the route you have taken. This is true too with themes….

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WordCamp London Review (2015)

May 1, 2015

This was my first WordPress London having missed the first instalment in 2013. Expectations were high, as with everything that happens in London and #wpldn certainly delivered. I usually put my highlights in to a blog post but I’m writing this almost a month after…

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A free WordPress support session in Newcastle

April 2, 2015

Every other month we have a WordPress North East meetup at Campus North. We do talks, have a Q&A session and chat with fellow WordPress users, designers and developers in the North East. This month I’ve decided it might be useful for people to get…

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