Seymour Sinclair


Seymour Sinclair is an online ISA and fund investment website. I worked with Planet Interactive Arts to build their designs in to a WordPress site.

Integration with 3rd Party API – Fidelity

The core of the site are the funds. The funds are obtained by a 3rd party service – the Fidelity Network. In order to attain these funds I setup a nightly cron job in order to connect to the API and add/update the funds on the site.


When the data is imported the data is mapped to different parts of the database so that queries can be performed on them by users in the front end. As well as filtering the funds, users can also sort the results.

Another reason the data has been separated is so that comparisons can be done across the funds – a must have feature when users are choosing which fund to purchase.

Steve has been able to lead the implementation of Seymour Sinclair with the Fidelity Network. He has been able to work well with the client, the fidelity technical team and Planet in order to create a complete solution for Seymour Sinclair. The site is both flexible and also utilises automation in order to keep the fund data up to date.

Phil Allum, Planet Interactive Arts

Enhanced WordPress UI


The default UI in WordPress does not handle the ordering of items very well in the WordPress admin. In order to be able to manage the selected funds on the homepage I developed an extra UI screen to manage the funds and to order them based on top selling & most highly rated.

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